About Us

Our Mission

CFM was established back in September 2005 to help with the rebuilding of communities that were ravaged by Hurricane Katrina. Since that time we have helped many rebuild their buildings and restore their lives.

Our goal at CFM is to bring all faith groups together for one reason and one reason only — to help those that are in need. We look for the forgotten and those that have little to no ability to rebuild their home or lives. We are a small group of caring and loving people of faith that just want to give back for the blessing we have been afforded.

We have demonstrated that when we take on a project it gets done and completed in a reasonable amount of time so all that have helped see the fruits of their labor.

Board of Directors

Chip Rumis

President / CEO of Rumis Management Group LLC, Chip brings 45 plus years of executive business experience. He started his work career as a building contractor and has over the years has built a wide arrange of building projects.

Has served as a board director on many companies over the years including starting a serving on a local community bank.

He has devoted his life to helping other in need and is working with Voices for Children as a Court Appointed Special Advocate “CASA” for a foster child San Diego, CA.

He is a licensed private pilot and a member of AOPA and NHRA.

He resides in Ramona, California, has two children and one granddaughter, and is a widower of a 44-year marriage.

Donald Melucci

Donald J Melucci works for Mission Carpet Distributors in San Diego, California.

In 1978, Don joined his Dad, John Melucci, at MCD, and later became president.

MCD is a wholesale flooring distributor selling installation materials in Southern California, and is currently celebrating its 60th year in business.

Don was born in San Diego, and has 3 daughters, and one grandson, and a 98 year old mother. Don is an avid bicyclist and enjoys fishing, golf and playing Pickleball.

Don is active in church, family, and the local community.  

Steve Arnold


Born in Gardena, California now a Resident in San Diego for 47 years. Married for 51 years to his wife, Mona, Steve has two wonderful children in son, Jared, and daughter, Michele. Steve and Mona, the very proud grandparents of a beautiful granddaughter, Laci Amber, Brooklyn Alexandria.

Steve has enjoyed a very successful career of 45 years in the furniture business. Steve is the past president of the 65 Roses organization, a division of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in San Diego, Steve has had many successful passions in his life.

Following Hurricane Katrina, Steve joined his friend Chip who organizes a relief program called “Adopt A Church.” With Steve’s help they started rebuilding churches and restoring lives, they are very proud to say that their time spent calling and raising funds and support while traveling back and forth to Mississippi has been a most humbling experience in life.

Pat Strafford

Born: 1956, Hollywood, CA.

Occupation: Owner: Strafford Roofing San Diego with 55 yrs. in the Roofing industry.

Married with 3 daughters, 1 son & 5 Grandchildren.

Growing up: I would dismantle every toy / game / or gadget at sight in an attempt to understand how and why they work the way they do; I would rebuild to full functionality.

Just like everything in life, I succeeded at some and lost others. My broken toys were not enough to stop me, rather, I approached my next “Experiment “ with lessons from the failed ones to ensure success. Growing up in my later years I started working on cars and have grown to see this be one of my favorite hobbies today, Restoring Classic Cars.

Hobbie: Enjoying classic cars and vacationing in Maui with my wife.

Mission: My mission in life is to enjoy what the good Lord has given me as well as allowing me to help those that are less fortunate.

Karl Higgins

Karl Higgins is the founder and President/CEO of Montecito Development Co. LLC, a general aviation, commercial and industrial development, construction and asset holding company. Montecito has projects throughout California at public airports.

Higgins also serves on the boards of several community and non-profit groups including Chelsea’s Light Foundation Legislative Advisory Panel and the United Way of San Diego County, where he was countywide campaign chair in 2005-2006. That campaign raised $22.5 million for area non profits. He is also a co-founder and corporate director of Community of Faith Ministries Inc., a faith based non-profit that rebuilds churches and homes damaged in natural disasters, including the Asian Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina. Karl and his wife are active members of their church and its’ ministry to the homeless. Karl’s wife, Dawn, is a Doctor of Physical Therapy. He has one grown daughter and three grandchildren.